The Project

The Medical Basic Care for Street-Children in Port-au-Prince

... is a small humanitarian project to treat the street-children in the capital for free. Three times a week, during the evenings, a retired German doctor and two Haitian helpers go to the sleeping and meeting places of street-children and young street-people.


Treatment of a Preschool Child

Treatment of a Preschool Child

The place of work is a pick-up vehicle that has been changed into a small ambulance.

Here the consultations, examinations, and even small surgery take place.

These treatments, necessary medicaments or bandages are free to the young patients, whose age varies between a few days to about 25 years.


Treatments take place even during the day, mostly urgent cases or acute sicknesses. The children stop the little ambulance and inform the doctor where a child which is wounded or seriously ill is to be found at the roadside.

For most of them this is the only chance to get a medical treatment when it is necessary. Health insurance for the poor is unknown in Haiti.


Every treatment in Haiti is rather expensive and the street-children are not able to afford that.

They stay in the streets with serious wounds, as well with high fever.

Without having money they are refused in hospitals or clinics.

Treatment of an Ulcer

Chronic ulcers are often treated


The same thing applies to illnesses of the teeth, even extractions (usually the only dental "treatment") are very expensive. Because of that children suffer for weeks with a swollen cheek.


Since 2001, Dr. Höfler teaches slum children and their parents in health care, hygiene and environment protection.

In the Salesian project "The Little Schools of Father Bohnen" in the slum "Site Soley", she examines and treats children of preschool age twice a week.